Are you a spine creaser?


When you read a book do you purposefully crease the spine? Some of you might be nodding your head and some of you (like me) are horrified at the very thought.

I have been told that people prefer a book that looks old and used because it shows that it has been read and enjoyed ,but my thinking is that yes I enjoy and read my books but I enjoy them so much that I don’t want to break them. I just love that warm fuzzy feeling inside I get as I look at beautiful books on a shelf. I just don’t get that feeling with books that look like this:


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Maybe it’s just me but pretty books are just so much more appealing and yes, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (or spine) but I take personal pride in my collection of books, which is like 10 but I’m getting there, and I want them to look nice!


Books or movies?


I think it’s become obvious that recently there has been a definite increase in Movies based on YA books. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We’ll I haven’t answered that question yet myself. Although ,as a definite fan girl, I feel nothing but excitement as I stand in the cinemas buying a ticket, I can’t help but feel sad when one of my friends announces she’s going to skip the book and rather watch the movie.

Any lover of books (I hope) will tell you that you should read the book FIRST but I am watching more and more dust gather on the most popular books- twilight, beautiful creatures, city of bones,the hunger games and divergent.
This isn’t always the case I have witnessed some people enjoy the movie so much that they can’t wait to pick up the book but I feel this is the wrong order and quite honestly a waste of great literature as you now know what will generally happen.

Do you enjoy curling up in bed with a book or curling up on the couch in front of a television screen? Are you enjoying the sudden increase in YA movies?

Although some of this has been quite cynical I actually have enjoyed the movies I’ve mentioned -but ,and I feel like I’m repeating myself, I did it in the right order AND READ THE BOOK FIRST!